Military Specification (Mil Spec) ID Tags, Nameplates & Identification Plates

Identification PlatesMilitary Specification for Identification Plates including UID markings.

We are very familiar with Military and Federal Specifications for nameplates, labels and decals. We have extensive experience with Mil-P-19834, Mil DTL-15024, GG-P-455B, Mil-M-43719 and Mil Std 130. as well as many others.

Aluminum, brass, stainless steel, and pigmented elastomeric materials are just a few of the materials we work with.

Our manufacturing processes for Mil Spec products utilize state of the art production techniques including laser marking, and photo anodizing, as well as conventional methods such as etching and engraving.


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You can trust us to provide a custom solution that meets your product identification needs. See photos of the many types of labels, tags and nameplates that we manufacture.
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Yeuell uses the latest technologies and processes to produce rugged and durable labels, nameplates, tags, panel fronts and more in many different materials.
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Yeuell manufactures custom nameplates, labels and decals. We've been in business since 1913 and supply product identification systems to companies around the world.
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