Custom Metal Nameplates, Industrial Labels, Equipment Tags & Bar Codes

Since 1913, Yeuell Nameplate & Label has been manufacturing custom metal nameplates, labels, decals, equipment tags, identification plates, etched marking plates and barcode labels for a variety of industrial applications. We only use the highest quality engraving materials and the latest technologies and processes to manufacture our Yeuell nameplates and labels. We also specialize in 3M adhesives, complete die cutting, custom dial faces, mil spec ID tags, panel fronts and UID labels. Whatever your needs, Yeuell Nameplate and Label will bring a level of expertise to the manufacturing process that you won’t find anywhere else.

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You can trust us to provide a custom solution that meets your product identification needs. See photos of the many types of labels, tags and nameplates that we manufacture.
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Processes Used by Yeuell

industrial labels

Yeuell uses the latest technologies and processes to produce rugged and durable labels, nameplates, tags, panel fronts and more in many different materials.
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Our Company & History

metal nameplates

Yeuell manufactures custom nameplates, labels and decals. We've been in business since 1913 and supply product identification systems to companies around the world.
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