LEXAN (Extruded Polycarbonate Film) Labels, Decals, Signs & More

More economical than metal with excellent ink adhesion. Available in clear and textured surfaces, this material has great clarity, stability, and die-cutting characteristics with good solvent resistance. Usually sub-surface printed (the ink is printed on the back of the material between the lexan® and the adhesive) resulting in a label with excellent durability and long life. We stock thicknesses from .005″ to .030″.

You can request a quote today for our lexan® custom ID products for your labeling needs. You can also request a free sample kit of our custom ID products to see first-hand how Yeuell’s many printing processes and materials, including the extruded polycarbonate film known as lexan®, work together to create durable, colorful and effective ID and marking signage for industrial and municipal needs.