Screen Printing Nameplates, Labels & Tags

Screen printed Yeuell nameplates are similar in construction to lithographed nameplates where an ink is printed directly on top (or in the case of some of our transparent plastics, the bottom) of the material. A stencil is applied to a tightly stretched polyester screen. Ink is pushed through the open areas in the screen using a squeegee onto the nameplate material. Screen printed Yeuell nameplates also get clear-coat lacquered and baked for beauty and durability. Screen printed nameplates are printed with hard light-fast inks which makes them suitable for use indoors and outdoors. These are more expensive than lithographed nameplates but less expensive and less durable than etched Yeuell nameplates.

You can view samples of printed brass, stainless steel and aluminum ID products by Yeuell on our Products Page. You can also request a free sample kit of our work to see for yourself what Yeuell Nameplate & Label can do for your next custom ID requirement.