History of Yeuell Nameplate & Label

History of Yeuell Nameplate & LabelE. V. Yeuell, the founder, started around the turn of the century as a nameplate broker for a British Manufacturer. In 1913, when deliveries and communication with the British Company became an issue he, with the help of his brother Leonard, decided to start manufacturing nameplates in the United States.

Setting up shop in Malden, Massachusetts, Yeuell’s primary product was etched nameplates and decorated metal products. The company soon developed a reputation as a supplier of high quality nameplates. The company was restructured as a corporation in 1963 and when E. V. Yeuell died in 1968 his son Kay Yeuell became President and continued running the company his father had founded. In 1972, as a result of a Federal Redevelopment Program in Malden, the Company was relocated to new facilities. Under the direction of Kay Yeuell the company moved to Woburn where they built the current factory building on Adele Road.

In 1985 Kay Yeuell retired and sold the corporation to Andrew Hall. In 1990, the company acquired Cypress Associates, a broker of nameplates, labels and decals. In 2002, the company acquired GIS Graphics, another broker of printed identification products. In 2007, the company expanded its offerings and markets to serve by acquiring Northeast Realty Sign, a manufacturer of real estate signs and accessories.

Today, Yeuell manufactures signs, banners, nameplates and specialty labels from various metals and synthetic materials, relying less on etched metal as its primary product. Yeuell’s primary customers are original equipment manufacturers, and other companies that require product identification labeling as part of their product prior to sale to distributors, retailers and other commercial users.

Read a poem on the value & utility of name plates – penned by founder E.V. Yeuell and printed in 1959.