Yeuell Nameplate & Label and Environmental Responsibility – We Do It Green!

Yeuell Nameplate & Label has been in the business of creating product identification systems since 1913, always employing what was the leading-edge technologies of the time to create the labeling and naming solutions our clients have needed in business and industry.

As times have changed and the global awareness of what businesses contribute towards air, ground and water pollution has developed, Yeuell has paid attention to the findings and research. We’re proud to report that as of today, we’ve eliminated more than 90% of the hazardous materials we were using just ten years ago. More than 90% reduction!

Yeuell Nameplate & Label is proud of this accomplishment, and proud of our commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability. We encourage other businesses to do their part in reducing their pollution footprint in their business and industrial pursuits. We did it; we know you can as well.

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