Acrylic Adhesive Backings for Labels

Unless otherwise specified, we use 3M 467 (2 mil thick acrylic) adhesive on materials .012″ and thinner. On materials thicker than .012″, we use 3M 468 (5 mil thick acrylic). Both of these adhesives are excellent general purpose adhesives which are designed to adhere well to a wide variety of materials. We deal exclusively with 3M for our transfer adhesives. Please indicate the surface that the nameplate, dial face, decal, panel front or label is being applied to so that we can be sure to choose the best adhesive option for years of dependable service.

You can request a quote from Yeuell today on our adhesive backings and label and signage materials for industrial, commercial and municipal ventures. For those who wish to see our workmanship up-close and personal, you are invited to request a free sample kit of our custom ID products to see the variety and excellent quality of our workmanship. We look forward to hearing from you!