Stainless Steel Nameplates, Labels, Tags, Dial Faces & More

Stainless Steel Labels & TagsStainless Steel is typically used when a very high resistance to corrosion is required. Stainless steel nameplates may be printed or chemically etched and color-filled and are somewhat more expensive than aluminum. Nameplates. We can supply stainless nameplates in thicknesses of .010″ through .050″ (Note: It is advisable to avoid “gauge numbers” in specifying thickness. There are several “gauge” reference charts which may be confused with your actual needs). Our standard stainless is type 304 with a #4 polish but others are available such as 316 and 410 upon request. #2B finish and near-mirror finish are also available for use with our products such as UID stainless steel plates and stainless steel nameplates.

Interested in our stainless steel labeling products? You can request a quote for stainless steel ID products for your labeling needs. You can also request a free sample kit of our custom ID products to judge for yourself how Yeuell’s many printing processes and materials work together to create long-lasting, bright and effective ID and marking signage for industrial and municipal needs.