Photo Anodizing Aluminum Nameplates & Labels

In the photo anodizing process, an image is exposed onto specially coated aluminum. The aluminum is developed much like a piece of photographic film. The aluminum sheet is then sealed which traps the image in the metal under an anodized layer. The result is an extremely hard chemical and heat-resistant nameplate. Photo anodized aluminum nameplated and labels do not require any additional lacquer for protection. The photo anodizing process uses a photographic film master – therefore there are no plates or screen required. This method of manufacturing lends itself well to producing small quantities of highly durable nameplates with a fast turn-around time.

You can request a free sample kit of past Yeuell ID projects to see for yourself what our professional and leading-edge labels, anodized aluminum nameplates and tags look like when produced by Yeuell Nameplate & Label. Request a free quote for your next project as well. We are waiting to hear from you today!