Engraved Brass Nameplates, Tags, Plates & More

engraved brass platesThe beauty of brass is difficult to duplicate with any other metal. It may be polished to a gold-like appearance, or may be given a brushed or satin finish as well for a striking appearance. As with other metal, brass may be printed or chemically etched and color-filled. The matte finish that results from etching (without using any color-fill) is also very attractive. We stock brass in thicknesses of .020″ to .063″. Brass is the most expensive of nameplate metals. The brass we use for our engraved brass nameplates is 260-alloy, which is 70% copper and 30% zinc.

Engraved brass nameplates, tags and labels have classic uses on such items as:

Check valves & pumps for mechanical systems
Doors & lockers
Control panels, shipsets, dials and scales

Our Engraved Brass Plates Meet Many Needs

Is your mind made-up about brass for your next ID labeling project? Request a quote today for your labeling needs. You can also request a free sample kit of our custom ID products to determine for yourself how Yeuell’s many printing processes and materials work together to create long-lasting, colorful and efficient ID and marking signage for industrial and municipal needs.

Engraved brass nameplates and brass tags from Yeuell – make a lasting impression with your next custom ID project!