3 Nameplate Attachment Options for Your Next Project

Metal nameplates are a durable, attractive way to show ownership over your products and display your company’s name. Whether the metal nameplate you are trying to display is a barcode label, custom engraved nameplate, or an etched marking plate, there are different options for how you can choose to attach it. Different projects call for different methods, though, and each offers a variety of perks as well as difficulties.

metal name plate

We will focus on the three options of:

• Hanging
• Welding
• Adhesion

The least intensive of the options is to simply hang the metal plate—all this requires is a nail to secure the plate onto. The main benefit of this method is its ease. Requiring almost no effort, hanging a custom metal plate can be done in a snap. But, its main benefit is also its main drawback because it can be easily undone as well. The hanging method will make your metal decal placement far from permanent as it can be accidentally knocked off or purposefully taken down. If you are looking for an effortless method and an easy take down, though, hanging is definitely for you.


On the other end of the spectrum is welding, which offers permanence and reliability. Welding is a highly technical skill, though, requiring time, knowledge of the process, and attention to detail. If you plan to use welding on your equipment nameplates, make sure to plan ahead when you design a graphic.

The graphics on nameplates that are being welded need to be centered towards the middle with plenty of space around the edges. Otherwise, the name or image will end up permanently warped. Finally, welding is not always the appropriate option as it only works for certain cuts of metal.

Using adhesion is a suitable middle ground between these two options. It provides durability without permanence and ease without unreliability. Using industrial, double sided tape on your metal decals can make the attachment process quick with no required maintenance to the decal or the surface it is being attached to. Make sure to choose the correct adhesion material for different surfaces, because if you pair them incorrectly the nameplate will not adequately attach.

Although there are many of attachment methods for metal nameplates, the engraving methods have changed and grown over the years. Learn more about new and old engraving methods from the Yeuell blog.