Why Mylar is Great for Tags, Labels, and More

Mylar, a type of stretched polyester film, is used in applications from space blankets to foil balloons to Mylar tags and equipment labels. Obviously, the material is strong, versatile, and multifunctional. Its many remarkable properties make it appropriate for various commercial uses.


This naturally transparent material is an electric insulator with high tensile strength. Both of these qualities make it ideal for harsh industrial uses. Because it acts as a barrier against gas and odors, Mylar is often used to provide containment and protection. It is also chemically stable, which makes it reliable, durable, and safe in a wide variety of applications. One popular commercial application is Mylar tags, which are known for their resilience in tough conditions.

Though it typically is thought of as a shiny, foil-esque material, Mylar labeling material can come in a variety of types, such as:

• Clear Mylar Tags
• Matted Mylar Tags
• Pigmented Mylar Tags
• Metalized Mylar Tags
• Brushed Mylar Tags

This versatility allows Mylar tags and Mylar equipment labels to fit a variety of different needs and conditions. Firstly, it is resistant to oils and solvents, allowing it to retain strength in moist environments. So, it can be relied on no matter the weather or substances it’s surrounded by. For aesthetic purposes, it is offers clarity, excellent printing characteristics, and is abrasion resistant. Thanks to both of these characteristics, Mylar equipment labels never lose their clarity and sleek appearance.

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