Getting a Robotics Manufacturer Back on Track

Even the most advanced systems can break down, as our customer, a robotics fulfillment system manufacturer, discovered one fateful day.

It began with a glitch in their ERP system that threatened to bring their entire operation to a grinding halt. Six orders sat unfulfilled, and the potential for greater significant consequences was high as long as the digital challenge remained unaddressed.

Panicked, the robotics manufacturer called Yeuell Nameplate & Label, their partner in label production for a decade. Three sets of labels needed to be produced and delivered that day to ensure the seamless functioning of the manufacturer’s operation. The clock ticked as the Yeuell team sprung into action.

Yeuell immediately accessed their reserve stock, where surplus pieces from previous orders are organized. Each item is marked with customer information, order numbers, and precise locations within the warehouse. This labeling system ensured that locating the necessary components was streamlined even in the middle of an emergency.

By leveraging these reserves, Yeuell was able to expedite the production and delivery of the crucial labels to the robotics manufacturer’s facility that very afternoon. The timely arrival of the order meant that the robotics line remained operational, helping to avert a shutdown the following day.

In times of need (and even crisis!), Yeuell customers know they can count on us to deliver! Our proactive approach to customer service enables us to anticipate and swiftly address any unforeseen challenges that may arise with customers, keeping us one step ahead at all times.