A Name Plate Speaks

I tell the soldier how to fire his gun
The helmsman how to steer his ship.
I am a name plate

I indicate controls the pilot uses
To safely fly o’er land and sea.
I am a name plate

I identify a motor and its horsepower
The maker, and the number.
I am a name plate

I am with you from the beginning
To the end – from birth tag to coffin plate.
I am a name plate

I identify your house, the name on the door,
Legibly engraved for all to read.
I am a name plate

Through all walks of life, everywhere,
On land, sea and air, I identify a maker’s product.
I am a name plate

I tell, inform, and warn with plain, brief and
Clear directions, benefitting both maker and user.
I am a name plate

Attached to your product my message gives
Instructions for use, care and maintenance.
I perform an essential service, unheralded and unsung.
I am a name plate and your ambassador

EDITOR’S NOTE: The author of the foregoing free verse, E.V. Yeuell, is President of the E.V. Yeuell Company in Malden, manufacturers of cf dials and name plates. Seldom does a manufacturer think of the end use of his products in terms so eloquent and reflecting pride of craftsmanship.

Reprinted from July 1959 issue of INDUSTRY, official publication of Associated Industries of Massachusetts