Antique Nameplates: Restoration & Recreation of Vintage Nameplates

When restoring antiques, even the smallest details matter. Finding the perfect antique nameplate may be a small detail but it is carries the old-world charm that makes vintage ideas so special. Many people love antiques for their historical significance. Nameplates are resourceful in telling where and when a product hails from. Although, sometimes people look to nameplates to recreate a vintage appeal for a modern product. Either way, they are a token of history and originality.


Below are some examples of antique nameplates, some of which have been restored and others which have been recreated.

1. Bankshot Antiques: Pool Table Nameplates

Bankshot Antiques is dedicated to restoring antiques with care and accuracy. Recreating a custom nameplate that tells a story is part of this mission. They write,” We go to great trouble and expense to provide each table with its correct nameplate…which help[s] preserve the authenticity as well as the charm and uniqueness of the tables they belong on”.

2. Vintage Camper: Camper Nameplates

Vintage Campers works hard to recreate the feeling of cross country traveling from years past. Some of the name plates are truly vintage pieces, others are recreations of old camper decals. Either way they’re bound to add uniqueness to your travels.

3. Industrial Caffeine: Safe Nameplates

“Incombustible Systeme Bauche Brevete S.G.D.G Usine A Gueux” is the original text on the nameplate of this antique French safe. Restored by the antique enthusiasts at Industrial Caffeine, this safe heralds from the town of Avignon, France and dates around 1870.

4. Mireio Design: Bicycle Nameplates

These bicycle nameplates are not only charming—they are for sale. An authentic collection of antique nameplates curated by Mireio Design, these trinkets can serve different uses. For example, you can add one to your bicycle or use it to complete a collection of antique nameplates.