Industries Served: Automotive

Nameplates can be used in many ways in the automotive industry. The most commonly thought of use is the iconic car metal decal, which both labels the car and defines the brand of the car. For example, the memorable Chevy, BMW, and Volkswagen decals are just as recognizable as the cars themselves. But, the automotive industry utilizes different types of heavy duty equipment in many ways in the production, assembly, and sale of a car. Many of these different types of equipment require durable decals.

Throughout the process of automotive production, decals can play be both informative and stylistic. Whether the instructions are clarifying how to disable the child locks on the inside of the door or instructing engine maintenance for a mechanic, tags can play an important role. The different needs within the industry require different types of identification tags, though.

Yeuell offers a variety of products that are as diverse as the needs of the automotive industry. We offer nameplates, decals, tags, labels, and more. Plus, each of our products can be custom printed, etched, or engraved on the material of your choice. For more harsh industrial uses we offer tough materials like Mylar and Lexan. For a more versatile option, we offer aluminum labels, which are our most popular option.

Our metal nameplates, decals, and tags have the following uses in the automotive industry:

• Providing safety and maintenance instructions on assembly equipment
• Providing safety and maintenance instructions on car equipment
• Providing branding and decorative trim on assembly equipment
• Providing branding and decorative trim on car equipment and pieces
• Providing branding on car body

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