Engraved Plastic Labels, Tags & Nameplates

engraved plasticEngraved plastic labeling systems as produced by Yeuell Nameplate & Label are an economic and durable way to call-out your company’s name, special instructions that need to remain legible in all weather conditions, and even warnings and high-impact information that must be conveyed to all readers. Engraved plastic labels, nameplates, tags & more are especially good in mechanical scenarios in the plumbing, electrical and HVAC trades, where electrical panels & controls, assets and name tags, valves, pumps and connections can benefit from the waterproof and highly resilient nature of rugged plastic. These plastic markings can also be produced very quickly for excellent turn-around times.

Details on our engraved plastic labeling products include:

  • Available in hundreds of different color combinations
  • Can be produced in any shape or size – from .10″ x .10″ to 24″ x 48″
  • Labels can feature adhesive backing or holes for screws, rivets or ties
  • Engraving on plastic can be achieved at Yeuell via lasers or mechanically via CNC engraving machines

Interested in learning more about our rugged engraved plastic labeling products? Request a quote for your company’s labeling needs. You can also request a free sample kit of all our custom ID products to see for yourself how Yeuell prints, etches, engraves, lithographs and photo-anodizes for excellent business and industrial labeling requirements.